Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clearing Space on your Gmail acct

Google limits the space you have on Gmail and Google drive (or Gdrive) to 15 GB.  If you are bumping up against that limit, here are some tricks to use:

My favorite is clearing out large files (which are often digital photos you already have somewhere else if you want them).

Search by size

Once upon a time you couldn't search for emails by size in Gmail, but now you most certainly can. Enter larger:5m to find messages of 5MB or above, or open up the search drop-down dialog and use the size option there.
In my own creaking Gmail account I found 356 emails that were 5MB or bigger, which works out at at least 1.78GB of room that can be cleared. If you regularly use your Gmail account to handle high-resolution photos or PDFs then you might come across more matching messages than you expect.

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