Thursday, July 23, 2009

GDrive coming soon?

The past few months (years!) have seen rumors of Google's GDrive coming sometime soon. The past few days have seen more heated chatter about Google's "cloud computing" functionality coming online soon. Indeed, Google documents has some new functionality (just over the past few days) that hints of GDrive: the ability to upload ANY file type. You can even email certain document types and have them posted to your Google document folder.

It will be nice to have expanded online space by a huge company like Google. Some say that Google documents is slowly changing over to Google Drive (GDrive). Hmm...

We'll soon review some of the Cloud computing products out there -- and hope that GDrive is out there by the time we post that info!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kindle -- new, lower price ($299)

Not sure if you have been looking at the Amazon Kindle, but if you have, note:

- Amazon just reduced the price from $359 to $299.
- This is for the new, improved Kindle 2.

- The Kindle isn't just an e-book reader; it also has free wireless internet (fairly basic, but nice having free internet service all the time).
- There is also a Kindle DX with a larger screen for $489.
We just ordered another Kindle ;)

PS: Pls use the Amazon link at when you order from Amazon.