Thursday, August 24, 2017

Drones Starting to Deliver Packages (in Iceland)

At last, a fully operational urban delivery drone system is here... only you probably won't get to use it. Drone logistics startup Flytrex has teamed up with Iceland's main online retailer, AHA, to launch a courier drone service in Reykjavik. Specifically, it's serving one part of Reykjavik -- robotic fliers carry food across a river in the city, cutting the delivery time from 25 minutes to 4.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Quantum Computing

Quantum computers promise faster speeds and stronger security than their classical counterpart and scientists have been striving to create a quantum computer for decades. But what is quantum computing and why have we not achieved it yet?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Amazon Alexa - Be careful what you say... :)

Dallas, Tx. resident Megan Neitzel, recently received the Echo Dot as a holiday gift from her in-laws. However, Neitzel was surprised when she received a confirmation email for cookies and a dollhouse that had been ordered.

According to Neitzel, the device had not been hooked up for long, and while she overheard her kids telling Alexa Knock-Knock jokes, the cost of the items on the invoice was no laughing matter.

"It was a $170 Kidcraft dollhouse and 64 ounces, four pounds, of cookies," she told


Given that this is their first experience with Alexa, Neitzel said they are a bit more cautious with what they say around it. "I [feel] like whispering in the kitchen," she said. "I tell my kids Alexa is a very good listener."

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