Sunday, February 17, 2013

GMail Cleanup

Here's a great article on cleaning up your

In particular, the last few steps will help you delete UNREAD emails that are old and HOPEFULLY unimportant!

Search for:
in:inbox is:unread
Then, click on "All" and then delete...


Click here for the whole article:

  1. Type "in:inbox before:2009/08/01" (use whatever date you have chosen) in the search box, and click "Search". The format of the date is important. It must be in the form YYYY/MM/DD, with all 4 digits of the year listed first, then the month with two digits, and finally the date with two digits.

  2. 9
    Select all of these messages by clicking "All" then "Select all conversations that match this search", just like you did above.

  3. 10
    Take a deep breath, and click "Delete".