Friday, February 8, 2013

More SSD Information (Feb 2013)

As SSDs (Solid State Drives) become more mainstream, we thought we would put some information together.  We prefer looking at the Read/Write speeds (such as 500 MB/sec).  Some people like to use the IOPS (Input/output Operations Per Second) measure; this benchmark is particularly useful for input/output actions required by servers.

Samsung PM810 (older generation)

Samsung 840 / Crucial m4

  • Newer is SATA 3; 6GB/Sec; Read 500 MB/sec; Write 250 MB/sec
  • Twice as fast as the Samsung PM810 SSD and about 4x+ faster than hard-drives.
  • Boot times around 15 seconds


Faster Read / Write Specs

Some makers have edged specs up closer to read/write numbers on the order of 500 / 300 or even 500 / 500.   Although not generally-available to the public, some makers are even pushing the boundaries to 1000 / 500 and more.  Read more here:

Most people get 120-256GB SSDs.  This should be enough space for most people -- although not enough for your entire digital picture / video collection!  More space costs more $$...