Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Current SSD Champs + Outlook

The current SSD leaders are touching up against the upper limits of the current SATA 3 (6GB/sec) standard.  This translates into read/write speeds of 600 MB/sec.

Note that typical hard-drives are fast enough for the vast majority of computer users.  For faster hard-drive access, some users upgrade to 7200 rpm hard-drives (versus the standard 5400 rpm drives).  However, some users will like the faster boot-up times (15-30 seconds) of SSDs.  In addition to faster boot times, users with large computer files will also find the SSDs helpful.

SATA 3 allows interface speeds of up to 6GB/sec.  SATA-Express promises speeds of 8GB/sec and 12 GB/sec although SATA-Express isn't quite there yet for the general public.  So -- for now, storage enthusiasts will have to make do with the current leaders in mainstream SSDs:

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Here is the SATA website -- which shows a pseudo-roadmap

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