Thursday, August 15, 2013

Privacy Issues: Google, Gmail & Internet Privacy

The headline reads:

Google says people can't expect privacy when sending to Gmail

Many people have feared that privacy was not as crystal clear as some would hope.  And these fears are being realized all the time, as we move forward.  As in life, there are many blurred lines when dealing with tough issues.  Should large internet firms provide governments and law enforcement agencies with information that some say should be totally private?  What if it helps against "evil-doers?"  But then, at what point -- and who -- decides how far this can go?  

In any case, the article continues:

If you care about privacy, it's time to drop Google.
That's what Consumer Watchdog is recommending following Google's admission that people shouldn't expect privacy when they send messages to a Gmail account, any more than people would were they to send a business letter that could be opened by an assistant.

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