Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PogoPlug, Iomega Iconnect

Need to back up those HD videos?? Hard-drive prices are low; and here is a way to access the drives wirelessly.


Articles mention:
  • Pogoplug -- This uses the USB connection, instead of speedier and more robust Serial ATA (SATA). Free website service.
  • Iomega Iconnect -- service free for 1 year; costs $10 after 1 year (?).
  • Seagate Freeagent Dockstar -- device uses PogoPlug's website; and costs $30/year.
FROM Article:
Another area in which the iConnect can’t compete with the PogoPlug or DockStar is its remote-access capabilities. You can access the iConnect remotely over the Internet, but its browser-based access is limited in its file-upload or -download capabilities. The iConnect’s remote access is suitable only for infrequent file grabs or for watching slide shows of your stored photos. The PogoPlug and DockStar have remote-access capabilities that are much more robust, including the ability to remotely access drives directly from the Windows or Mac desktops. Price is also a factor: The iConnect comes with a one-year subscription for remote access, but after the year is up, you’ll need to pay a $9.95 annual fee to continue using it. That's less expensive than the $30 you'll have to pay for Web access to your DockStar after the first year (which is free), but the PogoPlug’s remote access is free for life.