Monday, September 10, 2012 Attacked 9/10/12

A malicious flood of network traffic has knocked Internet registrar GoDaddy’s servers offline -- taking with it the site, its email, and thousands, potentially millions of websites registered through one of the Internet’s most popular services.

a DDoS attack involves an overwhelming flood of communication that a server can't keep up with, but it can be orchestrated with as few as 50 computers.

That an Internet service which hosts more than 5 million websites wasn’t protected reveals a surprising truth: The Internet is still startlingly vulnerable to such an attack.

“Anyone can be hacked, the size of the company has no bearing on it all,” Ghosh said.

Twitter user Anonymous Own3r claimed credit for the attack, and was quick to distance himself from the hacking collective that goes by a similar name.

GoDaddy Girl Danica Patrick

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