Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sprint 4G Review

We've checked out Sprint's 4G service along with a few Sprint 4G smartphones. Here are some notes:
  • Within metropolitan areas (right in cities) -- 4G service is decent: generally good 4G service, but will sometimes drop to 3G depending on the location.
  • 3G data service is generally widely available - even outside of the metro areas. A few weak areas, but generally good.
  • Surprisingly, voice service was spotty outside of the metro areas. Just five miles away from big cities, we had a weak signal and almost-dropped calls.
  • The Sprint 4G phones - in particular the HTC EVO 4G (no keyboard) and Samsung Epic 4G (with keyboard slider) - are beautiful phones with many useful features. The Samsung Epic seems to have even more vibrant colors on the screen than the HTC - but both phones are nice.
  • Some people will feel more comfortable with the slider keyboard -- but many get used to the touchscreen keyboard.
  • The HTC feels sleeker, but that may be due to the keyboard slider on the Samsung.
If you are not in a major metropolitan area, you should check out Sprint's coverage in your area. Although Sprint shadows Verizon's network, their signal strength is not necessarily the same as Verizon's.